Vision Manifest

Vision Manifest is a self-coaching and active meditation platform to spark and support visionaries’ journey to their higher callings.

For a few decades, I was relentlessly trying to find out the meaning of life. What is this thing called “purpose”? What is my higher calling? I have collected hundreds and hundreds of insightful quotes, diagrams, notes, screengrabs. I have attended seminars, transformative festivals, spiritual retreats, and ceremonies. Many have profound effects on me. Throughout the years, I noticed myself frequently refer back to a handful of same quotes and life lessons to help myself and others. I decided to narrow down the most useful ones into a set of self-coaching method and principles.

During the time when my family and I were coping with my father’s passing, I read a lot about the dying regrets and the last lessons of life from people at dying bed. I noticed there’s a common pattern: they are all very simple. At the end of life, there is often a handful of similar advice: follow your heart, do what you love, be kind to others, love your family, treasure friendships, travel more, etc. They are the most fundamental activities and relationships of human existence. I have this thought what if the meaning of life is ridiculously simple? What if seeking our higher purpose is not as mystical as we imagine? I have spent countless years to analyze and simplify my collection on life lessons.

In 2016, I lost my father to cancer. I stopped and questioned everything about life. What truly matters of my bleep of time on this earth? Would I contribute some goodness to humanity? I decided to use every ounce of my many creative skills (sound and film) to serve others. I also studied and became a certified life coach.

After years of

If I could choose one word to describe all my efforts and focus would be about “clarity”. This seems to be one of the core needs of the world, especially about life direction. All the coaching and experiential events here are created to support finding this inner clarity through removing mental clutters. Deep down inside we all have the inner wisdom and answers but were often masked by all the noises.

He took his very last breath in my arms.

Dayburn/Charlie Wan
Founder/Vision Coach/Composer